Instrumental: "Exhibit C" by Jay Electronica.
Produced by: Just Blaze.


Legend don't belong, I was light years ahead before I ever wrote a song,
When all I thought about was getting head and smoking chron.
Back in '97 when my rep was growing strong,
I was shining off of lines like an episode of Tron, what the heck is going on?
A decade and change, they'd expect to know I'm gone,
but not me, imagine Ali had left to go to 'Nam.
I stand out amongst the rest like I'm dressed to go to prom,
Decepticon Ron Mexico up next to bone your mom.
Witness the spectacle forever known as Bomb,
Sure the sales weren't always right, but I never sold you wrong.
My track record is impeccable, respect that goes beyond,
All you gossipers and posers, watch where you stick your noses,
Before you stop and sniff the roses, I suggest you mow the lawn.
Who you want to rival with?
No wife, no children, I'm a perfect candidate to do some homicidal shit.
I don't fall and I don't slip, I don't ever break a promise,
And as long as there's a drop left in a bottle, I won't quit.
And when I'm on that final sip, you're gonna wish there was a refill,
Cuz I could leave behind the rhymes and y'all would be missing me still.
The bars is just a cheap thrill, the soul is in the message,
So regardless what the streets feel, regardless what the geeks feel,
Regardless what the bitches that just listen to the beats feel,
If you so much as suggest that I'm not the fucking man,
And I lost the upper hand, I'm a walk up in the jam,
And remind you why the real still hold a bit of leverage.
Tell 'em Adam's back, y'all can go and get a beverage.

Ay yo, 22 hours a day I'm upping my cash flow,
the other 2 hours, I'm up in your mother's asshole.
Which leaves 4 hours to sleep, maybe more,
I ain't sure, I'm pretty drunk and I was never good at math, yo.
Somehow I still find the time to record,
Cuz I refuse to be denied or ignored.
And I don't even like rapping it just happens when I'm high and I'm bored,
But I'm a be that til the day I say hi to the lord.


from S​.​A​.​R​.​S [The Best of Adam Bomb], released January 29, 2013
Recorded & Originally Released in 2010.



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