Show & Prove

by The Legend Adam Bomb

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Produced by: ToneMason

White Label Release.
NOT from the upcoming album "Live From Larstone".


SHOW & PROVE Lyrics:

As you may have noticed, I'm the best here,
How's it feel to fail and always have to claim 'Next Year'?
Legend yeah I set a precedent no one steps near,
And I was only giving ten percent cuz of Crest Beer.
I'm on stage wildin' out while your ex cheer,
But you can find me anywhere the mics and the checks clear.
Red Deer to Tennessee, Iceland to Chechnya,
Or presently between your right and your left ear.
Live and in-stereo, got enemies I barely know,
Friends like 'Where you been?', Broads like 'Where'd he go?'
-The kid's now Top 5 like Rosario,
Squad-wise, if they ain't got mines, they don't scare me so
Let's lay off the threats, hombre,
Cuz you don't wanna have to wear a vest all day.
Y'all can say what you want but where I'm from there's no chatter,
And the ones that love to talk are the ones that don't matter.
Grab a seat and try to focus, the reason I'm the dopest,
Is cause I don't spend my time convincing people I'm in showbiz.
I just kick a rhyme and come unique with my approaches,
If you don't feel it, fine. I had no feeling when I wrote this.
R.I.P to my opponents, tell me how the dirt taste,
Shoulda known not to fuck with me in the first place.
Worst case scenario is I'm the one that dies,
And that's a Win-Win situation in my eyes.
Boy, you're dealing with a psycho,
Ain't no telling where it might go,
Got enough personalities to fill up the Tonight Show.
Doctors say it's stress, they can chill with their advice though,
I been conducting thangs in this building since Maestro.
Way before my name ever came into play,
When Chuck D & Flav finished paving the way.
I swore that I was Slick, wore a chain everyday,
Saw the game go to Kane then Kane into Dre.
then Dre into Biggie and Jay into Diddy,
Then Diddy into Andre and Shady to Fiddy,
Fiddy into Kanye, Kanye to Drizzy,
I was right here putting on for my city.
Going hard on the kidney extra foolish on the liver,
Faded like I'm laid out next to Brutus with a scissor
Look the truth is I'm a prisoner of my thoughts and the scotch,
Helps the misery that occupies my brain taper off.
So I wash away the blues with a bit of Double Black,
And push it to a limit where there is no coming back.
Shit, I coulda went to to Princeton if the mission wasn't rap,
And gotten rid of this addiction but where's the fun in that?
I'm a cap-twister, Jack lifter, 6 pack practitioner,
At risk to snap if ya staff wish to nap with ya.
Bring them to the guy that'll drink a year supply
Worth of rye and send 'em to that kingdom in the sky.
Say g'bye to your mans bruh, the phoneys on camera,
The corner boys pretending that they're Tony Montana.
The tough talking trolls who'll never go beyond slander,
And them hoes focused solely on glamour.
We at a crossroads, watch those 'bout to swerve out their lanes,
One hit and they'll be on a curb counting change.
Turns out the fame fades fast and the cash gets buried in the ash, when you burn down in flames.
I'm just heard round the ways, they refuse to let me shine,
But anywhere you move's already mine.
The minute I decide to show & prove's the minute you get left behind,
and you know I can do it cuz I do it every time.


released May 17, 2017



all rights reserved


Thelegendadambomb Toronto, Ontario

I rap. You rap. Everybody raps.

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