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by The Legend Adam Bomb

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MissMacKay this was a hard pick - I also really love "Here's to Life" and "The Villain"- the lyrics on this album continue to impress, especially considering that he mentioned maybe he had run out of shit to say 1-2 albums ago.
Favorite track: Thank God ft Frankie Payne.
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Opening Act 02:58
This that 6:40 Sunday morning feeling, That Fiji water in the sauna shit. Penthouse overlook the Gardiner, I'm never not on a Toronto tip. Sauks on the box, drinks on the way, Gold on the wrist, Rings on Display. This is how the fuck things ought to stay, Let's see what Karma brings on today. Strings gone so hey, I'm free to fly, My team and I, Khalifa high. They watched us starve, they seen us die, They ask what's up, I'm like Me g'bye. Goodbye to fakes, Goodbye to frauds, Goodbye to all the basic-minded broads. Goodbye complaints, Goodbye because, We finally here. The time is ours. Number one cuz I said so, Troublesome from the get go, I thought we was innovating? I been here waiting, Y'all still ain't done nothing special. Flex your power somewhere else, Y'all get extra loud when someone helps, I'm glad you found a couple goons, Just proves you're a coward by yourself Sounding like you're twelve. Talking all of that young shit, Walking round like you run shit. Bruh just get your cheque, don't risk your neck, That disrespect get your lung slit. Punks step up and get beat down shouts to Puba and the rest, We haven't slowed down since 03 now, it ain't Brand New being the best, We truly suggest you recognize who you rappin' to, Cuz - record wise you don't have a clue. I'll - wreck your lives just to laugh at you, My greatness rectifies all the bad I do. I'm from the avenue where the tequila's at, and we Stack up bottles til the ceilings crack. We don't throw dollars or wear choke collars, Tell these dumb motherfuckers that the real is back.
Furthermore 03:30
Fuck who you thought it might be, Knew the day I did it I would do it on the nightly. Flow's finally getting credit, Shows highly recommended, But anything you want, I know somebody who can get it. You won't find me where I'm headed, see him while you can, I'll be exiting the bank before they realize the plan. Cuz the family deserves this, a man feeling worthless Sure as shit is gonna quit if he can't see his purpose. But earth is in my clutches now, nothing's out of reach, Liquor Stores complaining I ain't come around in weeks Yet the buzz somehow increase. A hundred-thousand sheets In a flood of blood, sweat & tears running down my cheeks. May my troubles drown in peace. I'm riding on a wave of luck, Wiser if I gave it up and might have if I gave a fuck. Last quarter, lost a couple dimes but I made a buck, She ain't really mines if you pay enough. (Furthermore) Pussy on pause cuz the hustle's on rewind, Breakfast in the shower, I don't got a lot of free time. Dinner all alone while I'm sitting on the throne, Cuz there's two kings in this town and one is on a street sign. So let the weak shine, and let the foolish talk, I assume everything's a lie until they prove it's not. If you was taught what I know, you'd a gotten my role, Usually whoever holds the truth brought the blindfold. So salute your rival or shut your stupid pie-hole, I don't live longer by reducing your survival. I'm Confucius on a vinyl, Hendrix in the basement, Che in Bolivia except with medication. Respect the reputation, if records sold for rhyming nice, I'd a went Diamond twice and spent it on private flights. I was 17 with side bitches getting high as kites, Imagine where I'd be if I had listen to the right advice. The victim of a prior life, clique was in all kind of fights, Guns, knives, sometimes I miss them old violent nights. Now the scene's Vines & Memes, post some shit, buy some likes, Guy's like me don't fit in with them cyber-types. (Furthermore) Maybe if you paid some dues, motherfuckers, You wouldn't have to pay for your views, motherfuckers. Confused motherfuckers. A million fake plays and it's you on stage in front of 2 motherfuckers. Congratulations, you're huge, motherfuckers, Enjoy being famous in your rooms, motherfuckers. You could shoot the Pope off a Macy's Day Float, And your face wouldn't make it to the news, motherfuckers. Delusional suckers, desperate for attention, The more I feel they need it, the less they're getting mentioned. Your whole rap persona is an excellent invention, But a myth's never better than a legend. (Furthermore) Yeah, we're both out here trying to make ends, But I'm trying to make art and you're trying to make trends. And I could care less if what I'm trying to make blends, Cuz the rest ain't even trying to make sense. (Furthermore) I ain't about trying to make friends, (Furthermore) I'd rather sip rye and take Ms. (Furthermore) You struggle every month and keep coming up with junk, And I barely even try and make gems. (Furthermore) Inspiration for this game is getting hard, So I appreciate all the hatred for the squad. It's amazing you're a fraud and they're praising your facade, But the dates been arranged for the Changing of the Guard. And you're aiming for the stars but the skies is the limit, That verse might've worked if your rhymes wasn't in it. So don't act surprised when I get mine's in a minute, Cuz I gave you guys enough time to rise and you didn't. Furthermore.
Imagine if a sinner made it living on a prayer, Lord knows they hate us lemme tell you how the Rich & Famous didn't want us there. Yeah, it took a while to get it but we're getting it all by ourself, In a city where nobody gives a shit about nobody else. They know what they're dealing with, they don't wanna deal with it, Bitch, you gon starve if you waiting for a meal ticket. I Used to drink 60s with my brothers near the Pits, We still drinking 60s, ain't a fucking thing switch, Bruh Legend don't change, I expand and conquer, Born for the war, I'm a man of Honour. Couldn't find peace had to channel karma, Now we 25 deep out in Santa Barbara. Fans getting tracks from Japan to Ghana, Groupies getting wax like a candelabra. I ran with the cats that ran Toronto, One word, they'd a ran up on Ya, Thank God. (Thank God, Thank God) Thank God we ain't broke still (Thank God) Thank Heaven we remember how waking up Broke feel. (Thank God) Praise Jesus we ain't sleeping in the dirt already (Thank God, Thank God) The sermon don't stop cuz the church won't let me, Thank God for that shit, Thank God for that, Thank God for that shit No problems no mo', Thank God for that shit, Thank God for that, Thank God for that shit, More Bottles, More 'Dro. Thank God for that shit, Thank God for that, We went from Day to Day to living well, my brothers, Thank God for that shit, Thank God for that. Congratulations we made it out of Hell, my brothers. Thank God. (Frankie Payne) Thank God, Thank God, Thank God Murder on a beat everytime I bring the heat Thank God We was sitting in overdraft, Tippin' Strippers with stolen cash. Hollow wallets, alcoholics, Sharing pitchers no photographs. Dozen rounds before the hours done, Flooded with sorrow so I drowned in some. Miserable cuz I was in a hole, And I've been there since I came out of one. Motherfuckers don't care what you're going through, All they want to know is where are we going to?, How much were those?, when'd they come out?, What's the four digit code to your bank account? Everyone need a saviour when they're faith run out, Some pray for a way to help the days run out. Take a sip, take a drag til the pain's run out, Take a wrist, take a blade, let your veins run out. Take a Smith, Take a Gauge, let your brains run out, Exodus from a maze that you can't run out. I know the Struggle's real, I know the Love is real. Cuz it's in the same place when the hate run out. I know the fake run out once they've had enough, or once they have enough, so they don't have our trust. But what we have in our hands is miraculous, We have a chance and they can't take that from us, Thank God (Frankie Payne) Thank God. Cuz so many things could've never happened. So many things could've went a different way. So we give thanks for every day. Every lesson and every gift, And the knowledge to decipher this. Thank God. Thank God we ain't broke still (Thank God) Thank Heaven we remember how waking up Broke feel. (Thank God) Praise Jesus we ain't sleeping in the dirt already (Thank God, Thank God) The sermon don't stop cuz the church won't let me, Thank God
The Lottery 00:17
(30 For 30) The motherfuckin' masterpiece manufacturer, Still smashin' back to back beats like a bachelor. Last of the rule breakers, psychos and screwfacers, We either headline the show or the Newspapers. Few majors lookin' at him, bruh, don't look at Adam, Look how long it's been, if you wanted him, you would've had him. Glad I'm label free, they ain't gotta pay for me, I been on the rise with no machine since Terminator 3. A & T the nicest out, switchblade slice your scalp, Think I'm sorry til I go the Bryson route, Twice the clout of any critic, quit living your miserable life in doubt, And give your wife a shout, she know what all the hype's about. The Going Price from now will skyrocket, tri-optic, Ironic when they find a bullet in your eye socket - blow - Like 'watch it', this is just a preview, 10 shots will turn your whole head top see-through. The streets knew what was happenin' , Rappin' when crack was in the Pits and I would mix rum with jack and gin. Started tracking hits and I got hit with traffickin', Half the fam in prison or the kitchen like Gaffigan. That was then, this forever, stuck at 5th or better, Y'aint official no more, youre fucking Dick Bavetta. Instead of running the game you let your mouth run, Now you ain't got the muscle it takes to switch the outcome. From Round One I had the fight in the bag, They're quick to talk, I pick a spot, stick a knife in and drag. Let 'em spill their guts since they're the type that'll brag, Double the bloodshed like I hit it twice on the rag. I'll snag a bitch that spread it like it's the plague, And holds her calves in the air and keeps it open like Madison Square, yeah. 30 for 30 we're the players to watch, Go ahead and ball all you want you're still taking a loss. It's Legend. (30 For 30) (T-Gramz) Money on the dresser, drop the compressor, Top notch hoes get the most not the lesser. Game's under pressure and I'm next like I'm Butter Love, It's Doctor Gramz, tools on the pan, snap on the rubber glove. Revive it back, scream 'Clear' til the line's beeping, Sign, speak in codes, time frozen from a crime leaking. I keep a dime piece, a chicken breast and thick thighs, Flip fries trying to get by. For the squad it's dodge why we never switch sides, The whole click pack the hooptie if the whip drive. Wet it up if the strip dry, heat, pop n fish fry T-Dot where mans move sicker than a shit fly. Skip by your whole tape, shit was trash-made. Now I use it for my ashtray. Fast play slow runners is a fumble where I'm from, Gotta eat, what you expect when you come from the jungle? I bag a baddie like she stole from me, Soul gummy Air Max, Go for money never chose honey. Snow bunnies with the cat-eyes, She getting bread plus she wettin' up my head like I'm getting baptized. Spit crack these T-Gramz, Adam Bomb, With sticks that'll skip from behind like a tag along. I'll bag your mom and make her feel young, Nut on her face cuz she made a mistake and had a weird son. I fear none and I trust not a damn soul, Kangol feel I've been in places that you can't go. I got mad skills without the Wrap-Up, Which means my shit raw, overproof rum get you yakked up. I love this city cuz it's dirty but it's purty, ESPN episode 30 for 30 It's Gramz.
(Tona) Sugar water, I grew up on that. Heisenbergs in the kitchen, I grew up on that. Corduroys and black Nikeys, I grew up on that. My pops in and out the crib, I grew up off that. I got them Biggie rhymes and that Tupac flow, Slick Rick gold rings and some Cypress smoke. Big Pun wordplay and NWA state of mind, Nigga everything raw like Bus-Rhymes. And I ain't even ballin my nigga this just the tryouts, See this whole section of Nikeys what I'mma buyout. This Red-Rider BB Gun flow will shoot your eye out, Got so many stories to tell, let me put mine out. Shit was weird science, we went and formed this alliance, No industry or compliance, I'm saying I'm self-reliant. While everybody is dying there's hope, I don't think so, I learned not only Family Matters without the wins low. Treating everyone in my neighbourhood as my kinfolk, Woke up out your dreams with a Molotov through your window. I say not every cop corrupt but fuck nigga, They violate you once, I ain't putting my trust in 'em. We gon take it back. Way, way, way back. Only classics. You know we gotta play that. OG shit. Triple OG shit. It's no secret We had the whole scene lit. I just reminisce with some Henny double fist All the crazy shit. All that I been through made me this. Mama gave me a gift. Pray I made it and made a wish. Could've been deaded. Don't regret it, it made me this. (Rich Kidd) All black Air Forces, I grew up on that, Simple Mario Cart Courses, I grew up on that. XXL, King and Sources, I grew up on that, D-boys pulling out Porsches, I grew up on that. Serving O's from Tim Hortons, what we thought was a fortune, Whatever for a portion, drop a nigga like porcelain. Never going headless like horseman, Piping like a Viking, pillage pussy, I'm a Norseman. Way before you knew me as Rich from the gang Strangers, Used to slang thangs pack a shank to repel danger. When I snap had the power like Black Ranger, Genesis in the system, I ain't even have Sega. My weight up so I'm biggie, soak up more of the game, For blueprints, H-O-V was more of my lane. My OG was a director with cane, Stanley Twobricks He said to tell y'all rappers your Mama's stupid. We gon take it back. Way, way, way back. Only classics. You know we gotta play that. OG shit. Triple OG shit. It's no secret We had the whole scene lit. I just reminisce with some Henny double fist All the crazy shit. All that I been through made me this. Mama gave me a gift. Pray I made it and made a wish. Could've been deaded. Don't regret it, it made me this. Walkmans and pagers, I grew up on that, Nicky-Nine Dooring neighbors, I grew up on that. MegaMans and Castlevanias, I grew up on that, Crest cans and 20 Jagers. I threw up off that. Moms loved Marvin, Pops dug Carlin, That's where it all Spawn like Todd McFarlane. Learned to Thread the Needle in my Aunt's apartment, Had it droppin' like Reggie in the Boston Garden. Back when Left Eye was charged with arson, And Bond was Brosnan in an Aston Martin. I was impregnating broads from Markham, Asking 'What You Gonna Do?' Like Cops was startin'. Straight out my mind crazy, Waking, taking shots like Al Iafrate, mix Crown inside Jamie, Adam hammered like Greg Valentine daily, Imbalanced like Baby in the house, man I'm Swayze. All white Pumas, Fresher than blood from spending Prom Night at Kruger's, catalog like Consumers. Who has been this live for this long but us? Classic like Tribe Album covers, motherfuckers We gon take it back. Way, way, way back. Only classics. You know we gotta play that. OG shit. Triple OG shit. It's no secret We had the whole scene lit. I just reminisce with some Henny double fist All the crazy shit. All that I been through made me this. Mama gave me a gift. Pray I made it and made a wish. Could've been deaded. Don't regret it, it made me this.
Bills 02:48
Time sure costs a lot when you're not broke, Don't let the profits stop because the clock won't. I'm up in my residual, hustling like a criminal, Too much on my plate but my cupboards and the fridge is full. The shit you pull to make a dollar these days, Struggle til they raise your hourly wage and chasing lottery games. Save a bit, spend the rest on junk, Pay some debts, take what's left and make it stretch all month. But legend's never been one to blame it on another, And I'd rather die hunting than to wait around for supper. Plus I'm just a step away from laying in the gutter, So empty out your pockets, I ain't playing motherfucker. I got bills. He just came home and said he wasn't going back, Owed his baby-mothers both a stack, told 'em that He was staying legit, and he would pay in a bit, But he'd need about a week, cuz they keep changing his shifts. He used to wake up and flip and make 500 more, They became accustomed to the way that life was before It wasn't like they was poor, but the luxuries stopped so, It doesn't take much til the custody talks grow. Broke and on parole, meant he won't get his kids, So he drove to where his old dealer lives. Told him open the safe, this 38 will blow a hole in your ribs, And I'd hate to have to kill you but you know what it is. I got bills. I knew this young chick Trish, she was one fit bitch, 26 inch waist, 41 inch hips. She'd post pics bent over saying "come hit this", And have her inbox flooded full of sprung nitwits. Like 'What up?', 'Where you at?' 'You got Ass for days', Then she'd check each status page after page. Disregarded all the lower wage cats her age, And kept the married and engaged upper class in range. They would meet up for drinks, she'd ask the guy what he likes, Get a room, get undressed, give him the time of his life. The next morning, sends a pic lying beside him and types, 20 thou or you're about to say good bye to your wife . I got bills.
The Villain 03:39
Ha The Villain right here (x2) HA HA HA HA HA - my heart'll never bleed for ya, HA HA HA HA HA - Sorry Motherfucker, I feel no sympathy for ya. A the Legend, pay attention you dumb shits, I ain't tryin to spend the day explaining why I run this. 1-6, 4 before it, drunk since 4 this mornin', Loved by the Liquor Store, hated by the hundreds. First, check the god out then check the squad out, You should've known better than to ever let your broad out. Could've left her home, bruh your heart will get you caught out, Cuz now we're all alone and I'm about to stretch her jaw out. Tired of these pussies thinking pussy can't get traded, How you think you wound up with the pussy that you came with? Pussy comes n goes, so your pussy got upgraded, Cuz you're pussy and she knows only pussies try to save it. HA HA HA HA HA - my heart'll never bleed for ya, HA HA HA HA HA - Sorry Motherfucker, I feel no sympathy for ya. HA HA HA HA HA - my heart'll never bleed for ya, HA HA HA HA HA - Sorry Motherfucker, I'll die before I grieve for ya. I went from unemployable to unavoidable, And anything I've done ain't nothin' to what going to pull. Stages in the tropics, basements in the projects, Set it up wherever but they better pay your boy in full. First, have your dough up then have it wrote-up, Half sent in advance and there's a chance I still wont show up, Tell me what's the matter like my answer isn't 'So What?' Go n count out all my cash or count how fast ya get your throat cut. Look at all these cowards acting like we should be friendly, Where were all these pals back when my bank account was empty? Cats that was around when I was strapped without a penny, Bout to black out and subtract out the amount you supposed to get me. HA HA HA HA HA - my heart'll never bleed for ya, HA HA HA HA HA - Sorry Motherfucker, I feel no sympathy for ya. HA HA HA HA HA - my heart'll never bleed for ya, HA HA HA HA HA - Sorry Motherfucker, I'll die before I grieve for ya. Shoutout to the Yes-men trained to follow protocol, Hoping they got next and they don't got no hope at all. Them suckers need to stop cuz it's tough to reach the top, And it may not work for me but I know it won't for y'all. First, turn the beat off then turn the dream off, There's dishes you can wash, there's some tables you can clean off. Find another job that was made for you to eat off, If you wanna spit some bars, I got the pages you can read off. Fuck these lil rappers and their terrible attempts, Fuck their terrible releases, fuck their terrible events. Fuck your chances of succeeding cuz they're terrible at best, You're fuckin terrible and bout to see how terrible it gets. HA HA HA HA HA - my heart'll never bleed for ya, HA HA HA HA HA - Sorry Motherfucker, I feel no sympathy for ya. The Villain right here (x2)
One Shot 03:52
Welcome back to the other side of hope, Nah It never gets better just try and cope. Smile and joke, laugh it off, Act like you're only half as lost. Save money on a hearse, get your ashes tossed, Cuz you ain't worth what the casket costs. Total failure, The Emperor's wearing no regalia. First you heal and just when you feel Like you pulled off a miracle, they go and nail ya. Jesus Christ, I been around a minute, I done seen the sights, I took frequent flights. Shit, I went on tour once and had a threesome twice, I've pretty much gotten what I need from life. That's right, I don't need bitches, I been had bitches, I don't need riches, I been had riches. I don't need friends, I got life long friends, And nothing comes with you when it ends. What you waiting for? One more little celebration OR One more dinner reservation OR One more day to do the same? One shot takes away the pain. What you waiting for? I was at the bar with my homegirl sippin, Same time Carter had the whole world flippin'. She was like 'Wow he put his arm in the Rim!', I was like 'How much are they chargin for Gin?'. Adam don't care that's the moral of the story, The more it's supposed to matter is the more that it bore me. Tell the boys at the bench by the store that I'm sorry, I'll be there in a sense when you pour out a 40. It's over - Time to take this whole giant weight off my shoulder, Yeah, I'm OK to go, I can't wait to find closure. You're Damn right I'm wasted though, I would hate to die sober, They like 'No Sir. If you stay around a bit, you'll make out of it, You're way too talented to give it all up'. But my circle's too big to really give a small fuck About any of this, the remedy's just to cut, Get me a fifth of Henny and wish me luck. Cuz I'm stuck in a stage where a change ain't coming, The clouds aint moving and the rain ain't budging. The fame's great but Id rather be by myself, So thanks to you all for at least trying to help. But I don't want guidance, I just want silence, Cuz the Hand on the What I Can Stand Meter's on Minus. And I'm fine with letting go cuz the highs are getting low And no one stays alive forever so what you waiting for? One more thousand in your pocket OR One more outfit in your closet OR One more day to do the same? One shot takes away the pain. What you waiting for? 6 million ways out the cage you was born in, 3 hundred 65 days full of torment. 2 hours til sunrise, One til the blood dries, What's the chances of you being saved by the morning? It's always been hard and it's hardly improving, So you can keep doing what you always been doing. That's One more day to do the same, or One shot takes away the pain. What you waiting for?
(PIL) They say music is therapeutic, I stare at this computer trying to write shit that is righteous, maybe start a movement. Started self-improvement, man I looked into the mirror, Didn't like what I was seeing, just a selfish human being that was living an illusion. Came to the conclusion that this life ain't worth losing, Igniting my fuse deconstructed the confusion. Put miles on my shoes while you dudes were out schmoozing, man fuck it, I'm boozing. So this is an occasion. I'm into celebration, From a click that would accelerate the nation and gained persuasion. And a game that came to us, at first it was imitation, Every single verse was filled with thirst and innovation. Working on this album, giving pablum to my newborn, Saving for education, real shit I got to do for him. No imagination, this is love in its true form, Putting cold bottles of milk in a hot pot til it's lukewarm. They said rap isn't for you, kid. Viewed it as a passion, a distraction to get through shit. Amusement led to cash and then the cash was spent on juice and Now I'm used to getting smashed and I'm asking where the loot went. Blueprints in the trash, nothing lasts except the music, Few did what the crew did. Undisputed legacy but everything gets ruined, When you're too big for the village still enormous to the land, Too bad we build the fortress on sand, God Damn. I Wonder how it would've ran If I was shown the way it should run, They doubt I understand so I was told to make them look dumb. And stay out of what you can or you gon always play the hoodlum, It's tough to be a man when you know you ain't a good one. Shit, at this age what is it worth to be content with, Hitting the stage and printing shirts. When your friends is getting engaged and giving birth, And you're in bed just suppressing your rage with Gin & Percs. Can't reverse the hands of time, can't rewind, can't re-do it, My liver, heart and mind has been polluted. Stupid as it was to let it get this far behind, I pursue it, I guess It's cuz I find it therapeutic.
Smashed as fuck til the casket shut, Pass your cup, my brother, pass your cup. A toast to the folks that don't ask for luck, we manufacture luck - glasses up. Here's to family that cared with no one else would care Here's to friends that were there when no one else was there Here's to foes that always kept me on my toes, Here's to those that chose to take it where no one else would dare. More than a son, I am a sum, of who I know, what I've done, and when and where I'm from. All I've seen, all I've been, all I may become, Some lost, some won, if not for all, I would be none. So it seems the tougher the better, Cuz even the struggle's a pleasure when each dream's another endeavour. I see growth in all of these hopes and all these pieces coming together, And it might not be forever but at least it wasn't never.. So here's To every one of my flaws, that set me up against odds, Cuz it lead me up to this cause. Never noticed when they told us that we can't be nothing this large, When they said we wasn't in charge now once we set on something, it's ours. So here's To the true that offered advice, to the few that offered it twice, To new and prosperous heights. To countless turbulent days, to endless opulent nights. Here's to the imperfect being perfect, Here's to life.
The Closer 01:47


"A-Material" is a hip-hop album inspired by Stand-Up Comedy and the brilliant minds whose humour and insight changed my life. Hope you enjoy it.


released September 30, 2017


all rights reserved



The Legend Adam Bomb Toronto, Ontario

I rap. You rap. Everybody raps.

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