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Jon Cennon
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Jon Cennon Dope from start to finish... Favorite track: The Blindfold.
Christopher Collins
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Christopher Collins 2 of the most underrated artists in Canada. The music is a refreshing breath of air in a day and age that most music comin out pollutes the air we breath. Toronto stand up.... Rest of the world... acknowledge Canada's contributions to the boom bap movement and support the music if you like what you here. Favorite track: Everyday featuring T Gramz.
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The overdue debut from 2 of Toronto's best.
Big Sproxx & Adam Bomb present Live From Larstone; the 17-track LP filled with everything you've been missing.


released May 31, 2017


all rights reserved



The Legend Adam Bomb Toronto, Ontario

I rap. You rap. Everybody raps.

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Track Name: Live From featuring The Dirty B-Sides
Don't assume I can't do it if I haven't yet,
I was already the man before a plan was set.
Now I hold the crown just to count how high the ransom get,
Don't sweat it though, I'll let it go when my demands are met.
Sproxx said it's time to go for it,
So I guess it's time to go for it.
Never seem to find a peace of mind but I hope for it,
I roamed the globe for it but I'll resign before my soul gets sold for it.
- sorry I didn't mean to,
But I'd rather disappear than deceive you.
I would rather not be seen than be seen through
I pray your love doesn't leave me like my dreams do.
- sweet view from a higher ground,
Soon as you live it up it starts dying down.
Buy a round for the ones that keep it straight with ya,
Share the wealth where it helps, you'll be way richer.
See, They diss you when you're trying to rise,
Then they dismiss you once you're idolized,
They'll say they miss you on your final day
Then they forget you almost right away
but hey, I get it and I guess it's how it goes, be a death or be exposed or be the best that no one knows
You either feed the press and the attention over flows,
Or you keep your freedom just to see successes go to foes.
So I chose the back roads although it takes longer,
Catch you out your lane and they gon throw them brakes on ya.
But I wander where I wanna, and I end up where I choose,
Regardless what the odds are, it's Toronto Win or Lose.
And it's huge already so every moment matters,
Now any past achievements are a step below the status.
Is the thought I can't stay, wrong or not? I can't say.
All I got is Plan A and I barely know what that is..

Cheers to Forever and Whatever comes,
To the end and pretending that it never does.
To the brilliance, to pain and the resilience,
Cheers to the years in arrears now let's take it to the trillions.
To Trials along the way or,
To building penthouses from the Main floor.
This is ain't the Plan, nah This is something way more,
This is live from Larstone,
This was what you came for.
Track Name: Blood On The Canvas
How bout a hand for the renaissance man, I do it all like Da Vinci,
Jam line span to the far side of Grimsby.
Highland single malt Whiskey,
Yeah there's bigger stars than I am but it's hard to convince me.
I'm gone on a win-spree, ballin like Winfrey,
Odds are they couldn't get large with the gym key
Broads on their shins be Monica Lewinsky,
And We ain't heard Too hard to swallow since Pimp C.
Simply the greatest, team is all dangerous,
Wilder than a fiend on Halloween in Las Vegas.
Bruh we could give a fuck about being on the A-List,
The liquor's no different when the people aren't famous.
Spit 3 Alarm Blazes, spread 'em til the town burn,
Proud I ain't ever hit a downturn.
South Durham, 5&10 to Eglinton, Kensington to Malvern,
-Ask around, I'm cemented in the ground firm.
Sound courtesy of Big Sproxx on the samples,
And it don't stop til we hoppin outta lambos.
Shows bout to cost what they offered to get Stamkos,
No one near the top's got a shot of comin' damn close,
- we here to cut 'em off like Van Goghs.

Blood on the canvas, - no rentals, no guns for the cameras
Trying to save a lil something for the grandkids
When Im gone, tell the next generation how it was when I ran this.

Last of the chosen, raps turn 'em frozen,
Sorta makes it easier to capture the moment.
Aura's too unique to ever match an opponent,
half of 'em know it,
The other half wouldn't know the half if you wrote it all in caps on their fo'head.
Glass full of moet, Jack's in my Code Red,
B-40 Bull Max Four zero oh zed,
You ain't even gotta ask, he gets loaded.
Gone off the rails, saw constant fails,
12 million setbacks, non stop betrayals.
Thought I lost out cuz Bomb's not for sale but
Watch out when the Long Shot prevails.
Cocktails in the hot tub, blunts in the sauna,
Pop pills and play air drums to Nirvana.
Came as I was, never budged for the genre,
Weird Like Warhol. I does what I wanna.
-And it's all for the love of Toronto

Blood on the canvas, - no rentals, no guns for the cameras
Trying to save a lil something for the grandkids
When Im gone, tell the next generation how it was when I ran this.

It can't stop cuz they hunting for me now,
feel like Basquiat cuz they coming for the crown.
Drilled the last shot now we want another round,
Overproof til we underground -
Go and Pour out a little

Blood on the canvas, - no rentals, no guns for the cameras
Trying to save a lil something for the grandkids
When Im gone, tell the next generation how it was when we ran this.
Track Name: Lemme Tell 'Em
I'm in the spotlight, rock like heavy metal bands,
Got it locked tight, not like your petty ghetto plans.
Sure your watch might cost like 27 grand,
but when that clock strike 1, turn off mics, run
Your pop life's done. Don't lemme tell your fans
How your stock price plunged. From MTL to Van
To the streets of Toronto where people get bottled,
The game's next leader to follow is me and my motto
Is 'Make Bets, Take Bets, Leave with Lotto'. See the cake stretch,
Paycheques for weed and McDonalds and weekly AIDS tests,
A's left semen in models. What's a Latex?
Safe sex means that she swallows.
My tape sets a great example, your face gets trampled
Some more to make sure your tour dates get cancelled and..
End your little buzz. A Legend in the field cuz
Ain't too many out who used to represent that still does. - Trust.

I ain't gotta say it. They already know.

Son I blackout, never back out, stay committed,
Pick the rap route or the scrap route, A is with it.
Raise the limit til it max out, idiots get smacked out,
If you didn't figure that out yet, just wait a minute.
Pray I'm lit up off a sack or I'm distracted by your sufferin'
Cuz if I finish all this Jack, it's a wrap on your production.
I'll Final Scene your Title Screen, Credits fade to Credits,
No Director's Cut, your roll won't ever make the edits
In the big Picture.
Your click with ya? Tell them to film me,
Stay quiet on the set, if it ain't silent yet, it will be.
Get Departed when I'm on it, whether they good or if they're guilty,
I'll smash your whole cast like Costello did to Billy on a pool table.
Dude, they don't make 'em like they used to.
'80s Baby. Grew up on Sega and the Juice Crew.
Came up with the Who's-Who from this town,
Underground, Above the ground,
Shit, it's no wonder why I run this now.
Somewhere down the line, they gon find someone better,
But at the moment, I'm the dopest motherfucker ever.
Heads'll tell you what the deal was,
A Legend in the field cuz
Ain't too many out who used to represent that still does - Trust.

I ain't gotta say it. They already know..
Track Name: Nowhere To Run To
You see this pair of new Airs? Scuff 'em. Who cares? Fuck 'em.
My current rotation is '2 Wears, Chuck 'em'.
But don't assume my sanity improves with my vanity,
Rather be in debt with no shoes feeling hassle-free.
Living in the fog and hidden and forgotten,
Best part about the bottom of the barrel is the bottom.
Where the fallen are accepted and problems are expected,
But who'd a thought avoiding stardom's just as hectic?
All I do is kill it til it haunt another skeptic,
If solitude was really what I wanted I'd a kept it .
Cuz the pressure's set to limitless but effort has its benefits,
Your top 10 celebs are the friends I'm having dinner with.
and Y'all sour, I detect a bit of bitterness,
Never lost power, it's electric how the winners live.
Twitter know I'm more about message than the images,
Wish I had success before the death of all my innocence.
I coulda played it safe, had a place and wife,
This life of getting wasted is a waste of a life.
I've seen basements and heights, every place has its price,
And I was gon lace up these Nikes ..
But there's nowhere to run to.

All of these shoes in my room
And there's nowhere to run to.

I represent for a set you can bet will dent your jaw for a buck,
But they'll spare no expense to get retarded as fuck.
Acknowledge we're the best or disregard it as luck,
Regardless what the spread is odds are we're still up.
The front runners, young stubborn smart and corrupt,
Hustlin' like 'Bruh is you starvin or what?'.
At first it's all fun when you're apart of it but,
The larger the circle, the smaller the cut.
The wise told me rise slowly cuz the fall comes fast,
Beware the paranoia that's results from cash.
Evolve past the inner struggles that can go through a man,
You might've heard who I was but don't know who I am.
Transcendent, can't end it, I don't have much else,
When you're nothing, the sadness helps.
When you're something, and you're still sad you wanna stab yourself,
Happiness isn't attached to wealth.
Classic shell toes, Forces, Chuck Taylor's, PRO Keds and Shox,
Timbs, and Asics, Ralph Lauren's and LaCoste .
J's & Air Max's match the necklace and watch,
Every colour, all fresh out the box..
But there's nowhere to run to

And when the walls cave in and the love get low,
If the money make it better get up and get dough.
Get out and get everything, go any place a person can reach,
Cuz you can have World at your feet..
But there's nowhere to run to.
Track Name: Sister Bessie
Rhyming since crazy young, dying since '81,
Live for the stage and the silence it saves me from.
Some say he's done but I stay in pure defiance,
And I stand behind the failure or the triumph that I may become.
The past made me numb, the future pays the price,
Presently, 'Whatever Works' is my way of life.
Sister Bessie still suggesting I pray to Christ,
I ask how many in the grass got the same advice?
If there's a higher power, I respect its reign,
But don't accept the credit and not expect the blame.
Who gets to claim all that's Able while forgetting Cain?
Who selects the name of the victim listed next as 'slain'?
Who infects the brain with pain for a newborn?
How much was gained by a slave with a noose on?
When all the food's gone and some don't get a plate,
Then someone made a mistake.
Yet no one is saying you wrong.
Or is my view wrong?
Should I see just the good?
Or just be glad for what we have no matter what we could?
Forever faithful but I'm finished with religion,
Cuz either you don't care or you ain't there.
Which one is it?

Grandpops had twins when he was younger,
One died a kid and the other was my mother.
So I wonder, how could he step foot in a church?
Once he saw his daughter put in a hurse - a blessed curse
Cuz it could've been worse, if neither were saved.
I guess the Lord works in mysterious ways.
Cuz yesterday's sorrow builds strength for tomorrow,
Plus I heard His word helped a couple friends out the dark so
I marvel at the miracles but question when they're missin'
Life must be out your hands or death is a decision.
Forever faithful but I'm finished with religion,
It's either your powers or it's ours.
Which one is it?

Before the greed of man, it was all free land,
We drew borders in the sand and the wars began.
To expand our power and control more soil,
We had to figure out how to keep the soldiers loyal.
How 'bout a story that explains the past?
We'll build structures with statues and stain the glass.
We'll congregate every week, we'll name it 'Mass', we'll ask
Who's devout and those who doubt will have to face the wrath.
See that injects the feat but obedience first,
With promises of paradise for people of worth.
And threats of the opposite for souls that oppose,
Cuz who knows where it goes when it's leaving the earth?
Except the self-appointed. Full of bias advice,
From a book that was took as a guidance to life.
We'll sing tales of morality, psalms and prayers,
Instill 'em in our children and it's on to theirs.
Til affairs of the world are all structured by laws,
We invented and pretended are instructions of God's.
So odds are folks will believe what we wrote,
If they want to wake up with that feeling of hope.
And they'll defend it to the death if they thought it was true,
They'll even pay us to tell 'em what we want them to do.
So sorry Sister Bessie, I don't mean disrespect,
I know the mission of religion is to keep us in check.
And if the goal was 'Spread Love' then we really must've missed it.
Is this God's plan or our scam?
Which one is it?
Track Name: Everyday featuring T Gramz
It seems everyday I wake in a pile of sweat,
Got a cheque, spent that and I ain't got a dollar left.
Hate this shit, taking hits and I ain't got a vest,
Gotta rest but can't, gotta make sure my daughter's fresh.
Lot of stress but I'm coping with a Henny guzzle,
Plenty trouble, bubble, trying to make a penny double.
Barney Rubble, breaking stones on my day to day,
Keep 'em chiefin' got the fiends leanin' like a fadeaway.
Flava Flav cuz the clock on my chest ticks,
Baby Mama trippin' caught me slippin' with the next chick.
Detectives watch me close like I'm Netflix,
Tap my phone, I just want to make it home for breakfast.
After all my bills paid, it's like I'm breaking even,
Enough to get drunk, a blunt to throw my weed in.
Fair to say, every day is like a Re-Tweet,
My life is like a CD stuck on Repeat.

Every day is like the same as the last one.
9 to 5 or on the block til the cash come.
Every day is like the same as the last one.
The love is gone, I'd give it all if I had some.
It's so repetitive. Positive to Negative.
Can't surrender in these dying times or we'll never live.

Rise n shine, time to find another dream to chase,
I seem to waste a lot of mine trying to lead a race
They won't even let me in, let alone let me win,
Just let me get my cheque and son/sun is set like it's 10pm.
Couldn't write, booked a flight to the MGM,
Came home, the love was lost, took the whole summer off.
Thought about the fakes, the mistakes and the double cross,
Glad that I was done with rap and hadn't planned on coming back.
They heard I quit and said 'What's up with that?',
Told 'em I'm too old and current shit is pretty fuckin' wack.
Plus the fact a prefer to sip this cup of Jack,
And blackout all the misery cuz that's just how it is with me
And differently, I don't give a crap about this industry
But something in my head will say,
"hold up, son you better stay,
Sure this isn't much but you'd be nothing if it went away,
Focus don't get led astray and drop that dope shit everyday".

Every day is like the same as the last one.
9 to 5 or on the block til the cash come.
Every day is like the same as the last one.
The love is gone, I'd give it all if I had some.
It's so repetitive. Positive to Negative.
Can't surrender in these dying times or we'll never live.
Track Name: Impeccable featuring Planet Asia
Fuck You right outta the gate,
How dare these bums come through and try to challenge the great?
This is our house. Excuse the bloodstains on the floor,
Intruders should have known before they came in the door.
We wage war with whoever, you can bet on it 3-Fold,
Cashed in the fame for a record the streets hold.
Established a name that's forever in BeastMode,
Mastered the game and never entered a Cheat Code.
Cats getting paid and you letting 'em freeload,
Caskets and graves come measured and pre-sold.
The legend has been told and grows every second I spend here,
show some respect for the tenure.
We spread fear nation-wide,
It ain't safe inside a tank with body armor,
A Shank and a Shotty on ya.
Just to let 'em know that we ain't fuckin around,
Rappers wanna turn up, you'll turn up in the ground.

Do the math and get money on 'em, show out, splash,
Flashin' threads, snatch hardest, when you go out - blast.
It's P.A. Medallions, I'm known to just spaz,
And spit a verse to the mass, nothin' better than classic nigga.
Fresher than a brand new pair of Air Max's,
Came through the door with aura and my gear matchin'.
Peace God, what it do, what's crackin?
Let's link with the connect so we can get this paper stackin'.
You know the jewels, food, clothing and shelter,
Feed the babies, if I can't help myself then I can't help you.
I do this for my nieces and nephews,
my seeds and the streets, I fear none and respect few.
I'm so sick I couldn't catch flu,
And I transport so much dope they call me Jet Blue.
So know that I ain't fuckin' around,
If niggas wanna get buck then I'm buckin' 'em down.
Track Name: Go On featuring Stump Gets, Tona & T.R.A.
I don't know about you but all I do,
Is smoke Kush and Triple 5 Haze.
High Grade, feel the chills through my bald fade,
Keep it real always from running in the hallways.
Chipping in the lobbies, hard yay,
All motherfucking day and night.
Like I ain't got a life,
Living it fast, paying the price in High Dice.
Rolling in something nice enough to break the ice,
Have your lady liking the wheels.
Defining the muscle in the car like her high heels
Does the body huh?
Born in Toronto moved to a later model.
Learned how to act herself,
Got a few videos under her belt.
Summer ain't felt without the bitch around,
The rest of the girls are lost so they found a sucker.
Punk motherfucker.

I don't know about them but all I've been,
Is pretty fresh. Surrounded by the city's best.
By 23 I'd already seen as many deaths,
The memories left won't let me rest for a semi-breath.
So yes, I'm still out doing mini-sets, vignettes,
Making big examples out of kiddie steps.
Success. I ain't settling for any less,
Envious fools send me threats trying to get me stressed.
Fuck 'em.
Let 'em deal with the fact I get,
Now, got next, got whatever come after it.
The immaculate ways of a rapper with brains,
Give praise to a devil raised catholic.
My day to day sacraments,
Pray for haters, see checks/cheques like graded papers,
Stay miraculous.
Name plastered in the Hall of Fame save the asterisks,
I came to explain who the master is, bastard it's Legend.

I don't know about this new technology,
I'm back using my RAZR, Motorola and pager.
Hennessy shots, using Alize as a chaser
Drawn out memories and every cup an eraser.
People very easy to read, you Fantasia
If you don't see what I do. Signs. None of 'em Piru.
Living this long mean I'm destined for more,
For all that time I had to grind in hall,
For that crown on my head and in the back of my jaw.
Outtake something you never seen/scene in before.
This regular job running 20 years to a slave nigga,
Mardi Gras Parade and masquerade niggas.
Tell me what you want on your casket, I engrave niggas,
All season women chasing your man
Cold as the winter, soon as they fall now she my Summer Slam
They get the Vince McMahon over the Instagram.

I don't know about these mumbling rappers,
One comes then another one after, it's a fuckin' disaster.
Set the trap for something to capture,
Get your ass caught up in the rapture, I got nothing to ask ya.
The facts is apparently so, I'm cold.
Carry the snow everywhere that I go.
Every last scenario show, I bury your flow
So bad you can't return to your area code
Like 'oh', yo..
I get better than best,
and you can tell by the medals on this veteran's chest.
I'm untouchable. Elliot Ness. So who's ready to flex?
GPS, just send the address, I gets
Cold as ice if I told you twice.
A strike 3 and you might be a Poltergeist
Your cheap style's way overpriced, roll the dice,
I'll put your head to bed, close the door,
Track Name: The Blindfold
How the hell is this the present?
We're still debating issues from 1967.
Anytime we feel we hit the height of the deception,
they apply the misdirection,
And we just out here trying to find this WiFi connection.
They worry when their bar's low,
Not when GMOs are grown to turn their children's heart slow.
Not of JP Morgan or Goldman or Wells Fargo,
Not when Alter Boys are getting fondled by the Cardinal.
No, not for Climate Change or the Blood Diamond craze,
Or the cops turning blocks to a fucking firing range.
Nah they talk about celebs, all the gossip, all the trends,
Til everybody sends the same dog shit to their friends.
Then it spreads from Android to iPhone, whatever's faster,
Then those in the next time zone will get it after.
It goes viral, the prime goal is it distracts ya,
The blindfold, but what do I know? I'm just a rapper.

I'm in the street all day, on my feet all day,
If there's a Schedule to meet, I may not eat all day.
My thoughts repeat all day, they bother me all day,
So I ain't free to take selfies and tweet all day.
I'm crossing T's all day and dotting I's all night,
Looking online like is you guys alright?
There's a billion closet racists with million dollar wages,
And y'all out here putting dog filters on your faces.
The generation addicted to being seen,
we let corruption slide but trip if you're being mean.
To me it seem arrogant but mostly embarrassin',
To share your entire life and post every where you been.
Can we care about some shit that matter?
We're losing more than privacy and a bit of data.
They hand us golden handcuffs on a silver platter,
The blindfold but what do I know? I'm just a rapper.
Track Name: Mercy
He said next time I see you it's on, I told him fine,
Cuz there isn't a heart that's built colder than mine.
Ready for whatever that's the rules of the game,
And if you had the opportunity, you'd do me the same.
Folks say you back in town with your children,
Heard you got rolled for half a pound in your building.
Still ashamed to say you took a L but,
Brave enough to claim I got you held up.
Bruh, as much as I'm with it, I don't set up other people,
But since you think I did it, we can settle what we need to.
It is what it is when you blame who it isn't,
And for way less this mans would pay you a visit.
Sadistic thoughts turn rage into wrath,
And any other day I would've spazzed.
But last night I thought I saw someone's face I couldn't have,
So tonight to save your life, I'mma have..

She wasn't nothing special to me but to him she's perfect,
He had her name tatted on his ribs in cursive and
They were engaged but they split up in May,
She said he'd pay anything just to get her to stay.
I told her I didn't care, took the honest approach,
Cuz it was clear what she wanted the most,
Was a stranger to chase, a change of pace on the rebound,
She said her last 2 dates caught a beatdown.
I said Word? Well I won't be the third,
She said come by tonight and we won't be disturbed.
I roll up to the curb, he was right at the door,
She tried holding him back, he threw her right to the floor.
He said I was sure lucky cuz he came to whoop some ass,
And any other day he would've spazzed.
But last night he thought he saw someone's face he couldn't have,
So tonight to save my life he would have..

Last night I thought I saw my man Duane,
I swore I passed Holly Jones on the train.
I know that can't be Chuppa's Cousin but I wish it was him,
So Tonight I chose peace instead of pain.
Rest easy King Reign, Sleep well Son of Soul,
One love to Black-I, Madlox and Kwesro.
Pour some Henny out for Matic, Light it up for Redway,
RIP Pumpkinhed, Peace to Illy and Pay.
We miss you everyday.
So I pray for my brothers on the Ave,
Cuz There's way too many of us that have passed.
and since every breath is vital,
and any death is final,
When life is in your hands Try to have..
Track Name: This Reflection featuring Ian Kamau & Natasha Waterman
Off-White walls, a one-bedroom apartment,
Cobwebs on the windows, loose threads from the pillows.
A door that never closes and blood-red,
As dry as the dust that collects like the weight on my shoulders.
And the space between two souls,
I see your face in my dreams or so it seems.
So I sleep til noon until I'm too hungry to stay,
Hands too dirty, heart too ugly to pray.
Heartache. What do you want me to say?
I admit. I'm not too grown to own my shit.
Sometimes I want to quit.
When things don't go as I wish them to be,
Maybe you're right when you say maybe the issue is me.
Or maybe the trouble I see nobody sees yet,
Or maybe this life is a hard drive to reset.
Or maybe this time is my last chance to reflect,
Maybe purpose is worthy or respect..

This reflection don't look familiar,
This reflection seems peculiar.
Who are you? Who am I?
Just a soul getting by. Just a soul getting by.

One cup of Wray mixed with Tang and some tortellini,
Two torn couches angled towards the TV.
Escaping from the sadness in search of entertainment,
Cuz It's easier to stay distracted from the world than change it.
Jaded as always, unpainted hallways feel thinner with every step,
Look at me, yep, a real winner.
That similar face between the frame,
I barely recognize his features but I see his shame,
And he sees the same.
So I turn away to stare into a different glass,
Thinking of visiting a bank wearing a Nixon mask.
But I'll leave it in my dreams,
Cuz even with the means,
I'd still have issues I could never fix with cash.
Crash early to skip the evenings, learning to live with demons,
Cuz they're here when no one else is, I'm worried to switch allegiance.
Since all I know is stress, and all I own is debts,
I came in this with nothing and somehow I'll go with less
As I reflect..

This reflection don't look familiar,
This reflection seems peculiar.
Who are you? Who am I?
Just a soul getting by. Just a soul getting by.
Track Name: Larstone
Morning's full of promise, nights full of regrets,
Trying to guess which part of life's gonna be next.
Impressed by little, forget all the finer things,
Cuz once you reach the sun, you don't care for the shine it brings.
Diamond rings, private jets, summer homes in Maui,
None of that compares to what comes from those around me.
Look how we put the pressure on whoever's in the lead,
Them tables bout to turn at an unprecedented speed.
Cuz they left us here to bleed, fed us crumbs and kept us waitin',
Feeling like we wasn't good enough was devastating.
We used to bust the back doors of clubs to get our way in,
Now we ain't coming through the front unless they paying.
What you saying?
The man of the hour to the 23rd power,
You won't find a guy that get anymore fouler.
Diss me in your sleep and you'll be dead 'fore you step in the shower,
Photos of your head & shoulders just for the heck of nostalgia.
Loose with it, not even my suits fitted,
But I blueprinted this whole shit, they like 'Oh Shit,This Dude Did It'
This red cup got booze in it, this Benz truck got goons it,
That's your bitch I rarely see but she getting fucked when I do visit.
I'm 2 minutes from paradise,
But walk a mile in my pair of Nikes.
And all you'll gain is problems, pain and pressure from these parasites.
I'm Hall of Fame like Jerry Rice or on the way like Carey Price,
Don't play at my Level if you're scared of heights, I swear to Christ.
It's hard to breathe and hard to leave so we may stay a minute,
Or this could fail and haunt our dreams but either way, I'm with it.
Considered as the Bomb, they wonder when I'm bout to blow,
But I just wanna be someone that someone's proud to know.
And if they don't already then every moment matters,
And every past achievement is a step below the status.
Is the thought I can't stay wrong or not, I can't say,
All I got is Plan A and I barely know what that is...

Cheers to Forever and Whatever comes,
To the end and pretending that it never does.
To the brilliance, to pain and the resilience,
Cheers to the years in arrears now let's take it to the trillions.
To villains keeping heroes working,
To more blood spilling cuz I fear no person.
Cheers to searching,
To finding purpose in this overcrowded wasteland.
To laughing at most of our mistakes and,
To getting lost along the way or,
To building penthouses from the main floor.
This is ain't the Plan, nah this is something way more,
This was live from Larstone,
This was what you came for.

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