Instrumental: "Daydreamin" by Mobb Deep.
Produced by: Chad Beatz of Tastemaker Music.


You better learn my name and know my face as ugly as it is,
I put dummies out of biz just for old time sakes.
Fuck Cribs I don't show my place,
Wanna know how I live? Ask your bitch, she'll be home by 8.
My ribs still touching, my head's still hurting,
If my heart and my legs still working, it's for certain.
I'm a stay a step ahead til the day I'm left for dead,
My tape kept Play De Record fed.
A collecting bread like a kitchen crew, bread like the prison food,
It ain't all butter, I need bread like a pigeon do.
I can see the Fed and the Snitch in you, the lesbian bitch in you,
With Fed-Ex, your head'll be in Richellieu.
Check me and picture you, see where the difference lies.
You into pimpin' rides? I'm into pimpin' brides.
While I'm banging them, you hang with them and sympathize,
I shove it til it strangles 'em and love it when the infant dies.
I wise man's plan is to improvise but since you guys have simple minds,
How are you gonna be what the hood hear? You don't leave your hood here.
You won't see a Good Year unless a fuckin' blimp arrives.
So where you been besides Facebook and YouTube?
My crew move units in the streets,
You new dudes were cool for a week like Rude Jude.
You've ruined my mood and a beat more than once,
I pour a bunch, drink a lil then record a bunch,
drink a lil more score some blunts, ink a deal all before I order lunch.
It's fun like warning punks to Run like Forest Gumps,
If you don't, shit I hope your sons like storage trunks.
I give a fuck who your men are,
I'm legend whether on stage or hanging in the crib like Benoit.
It's M-R Period. Capitol A.
The number 1 straight spitter since back in the day.


from S​.​A​.​R​.​S [The Best of Adam Bomb], released January 29, 2013
Recorded & Originally Released in 2008.



all rights reserved


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