Instrumental: "Shake" by Cam'ron ft. J.R Writer.
Produced by: Self Service, Music Mystro.

Intro Instrumental: "Underground" by Necro.
Produced by: Necro.


It's Mr. A just the name y'all here for, Huh?
This the day kids been waiting all year for, Huh?
You're welcome, I felt I been gone for too long,
But I'm back and I'm better than ever..

We out-of-control, way out of your league,
Wake you out of your sleep, beat you out of your robe.
See you out on the road, shake you out of your seat,
Take you out of your jeep, leave you out in the cold.
We out for the gold, name spread out in a week,
TRA went out in the street, 300,000 were sold.
Now we out for the globe, A's just out for a freak,
Making out with your niece, easing her out of her clothes.
Beavers out and exposed, she's eating out other hoes,
Don't need her, coke keep her bleeding out of her nose.
She's out at the shows screaming out at the flows,
Even now that she knows we had her drowning in loads.
Cleaning counters and stoves, gleaming showers and bowls,
She spends hours alone sweeping our houses and homes, Homes.
That's how it just goes, peep the 'Wows' and the 'Whoas',
Peep the crowns and the thrones, peeps should bow at our toes.
Teach the town who's the pros, geeks and cowards should roll
Deep around us and don't speak without being told.
And take some hints, Cuz We're loading up 30,
and we're going to Jersey, to put eight in Vince.
That leaves 10 for you, 12 for anyone else,
Tell your friends and your spouse, Heaven was made for wimps.
Hell Adam might as well be Satan since,
He's been the baddest since the planet dwelled with apes and chimps.
Help him? Take a glimpse, he ain't able to cure,
The guy's higher than Chamberlain's score on Rate the Pimps.
You fucking nerds oughta get cut and served,
Hundred bar ghost writer charge you a buck a word.
Start moving up the Herb Chart, you'll be stuck in third,
Cuz %#!*}@ got the top 2 pretty much secured.
Divvy up the erb, everything quarters dimes,
Anything yours is mine, get your truck insured.
Get your numbers blocked, name switched, address changed,
Same wrist, half the veins, guess I just struck a nerve.
Sensitive schmucks get burned, fags get triple that,
Catch 4 like playing tag with Nickelback.
I ain't a Diplomat but I know Killers and Writers,
That will make you take a nap without feeling the 'Itis.
You ain't real in the slightest, I'm willing to slide this
Knife up in your spine make you shine my Pulitzer prizes.
While I chill in disguises trying to dodge your whore,
But throw in seven of her friends and I'm Roger Moore.
That's in Octopussy which is lots of pussy,
Well for you, not for me, I get lots of pussy.
And I'll box a pussy, if he has even the gall or the thought to push me,
Skull will be soft and mushy.
Call up cops to book me, follow their plots to whoop me,
Shots at the judge says they're all out of spots to put me.
Swallow and toss your cookies trying to screw with my cream,
See I ain't new with the green, ballers are Boston rookies.
We're sicker than most, chicks get dick in their throats,
Drugs get high in demand, bricks get shipped from the coast.
Slugs will fly at your fam, clicks equipped with the toast,
So quit with the jokes, son, cuz I ain't your man.
Empire's the clan, name is legend enough,
Can't keep the ruler down, they ain't measuring up.
The temperature touch 90 when I'm in town
Find me if I'm around, remind me again that you suck .. (what!)


from S​.​A​.​R​.​S [The Best of Adam Bomb], released January 29, 2013
Recorded & Originally Released in 2005.



all rights reserved


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