Instrumental: "Rise and Fall" by AZ ft. Little Brother.
Produced by: J.Cardim.


Well it's been real entertaining entertaining y'all,
If it wasn't for the center-stage withdrawal, I would've played the wall.
And relieved ya but I don't need the leisure,
You might need a feature but I ain't the name to call.
It's fun to try, ain't no shame in aiming tall,
But don't set your sights high til you ain't afraid to fall.
Cuz if you go first, your verse is getting fast-forward,
And if I go first, you ain't getting played at all.
Small Timer. Messing with Saul by Carl Reiner,
Con-Man, empty your vault and waltz by ya.
Too involved to retire, too lazy to quit,
And currently, I'd prefer to be taking a shit.
Instead of these recitals between me and my rivals,
The difference is like the pre-season and the finals.
You see the spirals I run around squares,
One line and you don't give a fuck about theirs.
My least emphatic rhyme floored underground lairs
please keep that in mind before coming downstairs.
Mainstreamers. Rap day-dreamers,
Receivers of the back to back brainteasers.
I manufacture off back pain easers,
Praying they lift the latch when I'm at St. Peter's.
The gatekeepers of the game are just the same,
They're afraid to let me in cuz I'm way too profane.
Plus I drink like I'm some kind of freak,
And I think about writing less than one time a week.
So you won't find me like I won Hide & Seek,
Save the money for a 16, son, buy a beat.
Cuz it's Legend and contending with him's not suitable,
That dude will black-out like a Lindros funeral
And fuck your whole shit up, but suckers won't give up.
They love my phone lit-up and my inbox stupid full.
They love pretending this is a Hip Hop Musical and we're just sharing roles,
But the curtains there to close.
And if you think it's staying open any further there it goes,
I only work in pairs with those worth comparing flows.
That's FW and a select other few,
If you ain't them, well then, who the fuck are you?
Don't mistake the kind face of your opponent,
I put too many years in to waste another moment.
And you know that I'm the best so it's best not to risk it,
The Best Artist Runnin' Sars, B.A.R.S full of sick shit.
The best in the building, the best in the district,
The best in the country don't you ever get it twisted, motherfucker.


from S​.​A​.​R​.​S [The Best of Adam Bomb], released January 29, 2013
Recorded & Originally Released in 2012.



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