Instrumental: "Pain in my Life" by Saigon ft. Trey Songz.
Produced by: DJ Cocoa Chanelle.


I better get rich,
Cuz right now even getting out of bed is a bitch.
My lifestyle needs a definite switch,
My mind's out of ideas, my head's scratched til it's red and it itch.
There's so much Pain in my life, my eyes won't let me chill,
They've seen enough shit to get me killed.
My ears are so sore they can't even hear no more,
Cuz FLOW gets paid to play what you queers vote for.
It's clear no war's going to stop an attack so why bother Iraq?
My neck's stiff from just watching my back.
And my shoulder's dislodged cuz it packs the weight of the world,
Plus I got a chip on it no doctor can patch.
There's so much pain in my life, I'm sick to my stomach,
Just thinking of the shit that I've done with the bitches I run with.
It feels like I get to the summit as quick as I plummet,
So I can stick another chick, my dick's infected with something.
And all this pain in my life, is never worth the thrills,
My legs hurt from running from the creditors and bills.
My knees hurt from praying to the heavens for some pills
I can swallow to send all of my problems heading for the hills.
So much pain in my life, it's no wonder I have the,
Breath control of an old mother with asthma.
I smoke more than I think, drink more than I blink,
My liver's like 'Stop, there's not much more I can shrink, you bastard'.
After I fixed all the above,
This chick asked 'Don't your heart feel like falling in love?'
I said 'Remember when I broke my foot in your ass?
Well I need that shit back to get it put in a cast'.
There's so much pain in my life, and I don't even got it that hard,
My man Jay's in and out of the yard.
Straight out of Queens, hustling, saving them Gs,
So one day that brother's pain is at ease.
Tell 'em Jay..


from S​.​A​.​R​.​S [The Best of Adam Bomb], released January 29, 2013
Recorded & Originally Released in 2008.



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