Instrumental: "Scary Movies" by Eminem & Royce Da 5'9.
Produced by: Alchemist.


If I feel the hate rasing,
I'll put you in your place like a real estate agent.
Blazing, guzzling 40s by the dozen and,
Search parties couldn't find a shorty that I wasn't in.
You must have been high, fucking with I,
My name hotter than I fat nun stuck in July.
I ain't got to have a platinum cup or a guy,
To carry my umbrella, son, even with nothing I'm fly.
This for drinkers with their middle fingers up in the sky,
On their 429th month at DeVry.
My gang slang whatever buckets will buy,
You're a joke, the last coke you sold came with nuggets and fries.
One in Five of the suckers will try and play boss,
Til the other Four knuckleheads hide or take off.
They're softer than fluff and the size of Kate Moss,
Take shots and they'll duck to the side like Raycroft.
A's lost like usual, sauced like usual,
Try and make him stop I hope you cops like funerals.
Find him on the block 'round the clock like numerals,
Telling old has-beens the spotlight's beautiful.
Soon you will acknowledge me as god in the flesh,
Til then, they'll be calling me the cause of your death.
So put your songs on a rest and your moms on Alesse,
Cuz Bomb's on a quest to bust like bombs on a chest.
And Yes, it's 5th Letter and No, you're not apart of it,
You're messing with a veteran that no one wants to start it with.
Retarded with the skills, if it feels like it's hard to skip,
It must be that 16 Bars/Sick Artists shit.


from S​.​A​.​R​.​S [The Best of Adam Bomb], released January 29, 2013
Recorded & Originally Released in 2008.



all rights reserved


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