"Eventhough​.​.​" (SARS 2)

from by Thelegendadambomb



Instrumental: "What We Do.." by Freeway ft. Jay-z & Beanie Sigel.
Produced by: Just Blaze.


Who in the hell told you if I could do this you could do this as well?
Dude this is music, I don't do this to sell.
I do this to tell you amateurs not to,
I would ruin what your managers got you but you do it yourselves.
Want a fuckin' knuckle sandwich? I'll spot you,
Want a full body cast? I'm the man you should talk to.
Any other extra damage will cost you,
If you need, I'll come back and beat the bandages off you.
I'm used to the yells, I used the cop toques and gazelles,
Rock it (Rocket) in the past like Houston's Cassell.
Early use and abuse of the juice and the Ls,
Had me boosting at 12, sh*t vanished like a janitors Washroom.
Me & Scandalis is Canada's top 2,
The Fam is just bananas your flop crew is some fruits on the shelf.
I let loose and the truth is it helps,
Don't let my troops in the booth if it melts or wear flammable costumes. It's hot now, listen up,
Put my motherfuckin' wrists in cuffs, you can't lock us down.
The lost and found is missing us,
Bitch motherfuckers bit the dust, the Dot's the town.
The Home of Hustlers known to clutch the chrome,
Come get your dome blown to clusters.
Organ and bone adjusters, Stoned enough to,
Have your corpse thrown in foam and flown to Russia.
Foes don't roam alone I'll bust your nugget,
Then put it on a Mike (mic) like I'm Buster Douglas.
What the fuck is the reason to worry?
Beef is just a dead man walking like Weekend at Bernie's.
Don't leave on a journey you might not ever come back from, 
Thugs get your life stopped dead in its tracks, son.
Blood left your White Sox (Socks) Red when the bat swung,
Legends of rap run in and fed you a snack, umm..
I think I'm getting sicker with age,
So when I'm 30 I'll be dirtier than strippers with AIDS.
Live for the stage, die for the cause, 
Rhyme for the squads lifting the gauge cuz nowadays who abides by the laws?
Not I, not him, we got by off sin,
So I advise you not drive if your ride's got rims.
Got five options and four of them is duck,
You're only touring to your truck and your sidewalks thin.
Sure the prize got your eyes locked in,
But them nines cockin' will turn you guys into cyclops twins.
Burning dimes gets my mind off Gin,
But while I'm high want to ride inside a pine box? Fine, hop in.
it's no surprise I'll get signed off spins,
Someone tell these fools drooling on my dick, when they climb off swim. There's no room for you on, pop 'Shrooms from the lawn,
My crew do it, (eventhough what we do is wrong).
My Empire bet all contenders,
Team so deep I ain't met all the members.
Send y'all to vendors for product to cop,
it's hotter than hot, buyers gonna sweat all December.
Dead all pretenders, fakes get their cards drawn,
Faced with a case had the Jake's with a hard on.
Made some mistakes but it's safe cause my heart's gone,
Space been replaced with some grapes and a car bomb.
Wait till the SARS on volume 50,
I'll do 800 Bars, send a call to Ripleys.
And if y'all are with me I'll spit as long as the verse takes,
If not, you couldnt fuck with bomb in the first place.


from S​.​A​.​R​.​S [The Best of Adam Bomb], released January 29, 2013
Recorded & Originally Released in 2004.



all rights reserved


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