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Produced by: Engineer.

This is my only S.A.R.S drop using original production.
To answer a few frequently asked questions, the record is not my opinion of the country as a country. I love Canada and would not live anywhere else. This song is a commentary on the Urban Industry (or lack thereof) in Canada. Technically, it should have been named "Look at how much talent we have here, why isn't it being acknowledged?" but that title wasn't as catchy as "Canada Sucks". Plus it gave us a chance to use Peter Griffin and Chris Jerico on the same record.
In regards to the 3rd verse, it was written and never recorded. Enough time has passed that it doesn't matter who it was for so the rest of the song won't be finished. The purpose for cutting it short was to create a buzz for the mixtape and it did it's job.
I'm a big fan of some of the artists I mention in the record and feel that they are good examples of who should be profiting from their craft. Some of the others, not so much.. Thanks for checking the explanation - Adam.


Apparently there ain't a place you can find,
That can sincerely guarantee a bigger waste of your time.
Home of the lost and the disappointed teams,
Who would've been better off just avoiding dreams.
Where no one tries cuz no one buys,
And no one signs no one so no one rise,
Where no one guy stands out in no one's eyes,
it's no wonder no one shines. - (Canada sucks).
Where the city go "drop a next tune,
So we can watch the video dropping next June".
Where rock's your best move to rake cash in,
Where rappers pay has-beens collabing with Das Efx soon.
We're doomed, and everyone's planning to bust,
But when our only icon is a man in a tux.
Where the fuck's all the Lams and the Phantoms and trucks?
All I see is one fan and some sluts.. Canada Sucks.

They say 'Legend get your business right',
I know Juno nominees getting evicted from their cribs tonight.
And I don't mind to rock an old plain white Tee,
but why the fuck is Sauks on the GO Train like me?
And how come K-oS couldn't roll in the jam,
And had to ask the bouncers 'do you know who I am?'
When Belly sells like Ron Artest, only fewer,
Yogi Stewart ain't the biggest waste of dough on a man.
Damn, Dan-e-o's a wrestler now?
I guess the Pizza Pocket cheques got to stretch somehow.
Cuz Frankie Ano owns a gym and Thrust teach class,
But Crumple's still unemployed plus he's trash.
So how's he possibly gonna stack his bread?
If we're all struggling then that kid's dead.
We got skills, we just got to get rappers fed,
So I'm the last one that laughed and said Canada Sucks.

Now let me tell you about some rappers that I actually know,
Hate my guts but want to give dap to me though.
This little industry puppet named....


from S​.​A​.​R​.​S [The Best of Adam Bomb], released January 29, 2013
Recorded & Originally Released in 2008.



all rights reserved


Thelegendadambomb Toronto, Ontario

I rap. You rap. Everybody raps.

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